First, a little philosophy…

Who I am – I am me.  What I do and how I do it are outflows of who I am, but nevertheless I am me.   My wish is to experience life to its fullest by relishing the present, striving for the future, and learning from the past.  I am not alone existing in a vacuum, but part of humanity and as such my life reflects that notion by working for the benefit of others.

Now, about my photography…

Photography – Hopefully this creative medium communicates ‘who I am’ and through this  you can come to know me and understand why I do what I do.  Photography for me isn’t just about clicking the shutter in order to stop the motion and contain the scene in a two-dimensional medium.  Photos should communicate more than that.  They are stories that must be read and interpreted to uncover their meaning.  It is my hope that these images will tell a story through light, space, depth, and expression.  That story when successfully told should reveal something about the subjects and therefore become more than just an image!