Graduation shoot with Marques

It has been entirely too long since I last updated this blog!  Things have calmed down a bit, but I wanted to get something up on my page.  

Over the last month I have actually done several shoots and this one is the graduation shoot I did with Marques.  Initially when we started out I was really concerned how I would be able to isolate Marques from the rest of the caps and gowns all over campus.  It seemed like every opportunity to step back from my subject there would be three people in bright blue walking right through the background.  Luckily the it was a consistently cloudy day and I didn’t have to do much to adjust for changing light.  I felt like my finger hardly left the shutter because I wanted to be ready to click as soon as soon as there was an opening.

Even though, it was extremely crowded we got some great shots and I felt as though I was able to not only capture Marques’s image but some of his character.  We were able to have some small-talk and laugh.  It was during those times that I was able to see Marques’s personality come through and it amazed me to see the difference that made in how the photo turned out.

Enjoy the shots and look for a resource post coming up this week!  Cheers!