David Mor

Earlier this week I posted a preview of the shoot I had with David and I’m please to say that I was able to complete them and am ready to share them with you.  When I started my photography journey, I remember saying something about not being interested in portraits because they are just people.  Well….more foolish words have not been spoken.  Seriously, that was a rather dumb thing for me to say.  I don’t think I understood how dynamic a portrait can be.  I couldn’t see what a combination of light and shadow and body language could communicate about a person.  Now, I love taking pictures of people!  I really get to know people when taking their picture.  It’s hard to have walls up when you are posing people and then laughing at how ridiculously weird it all feels and looks to people walking by.

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned about taking someone’s photo is to embrace the weirdness and awkwardness.  Let it be the vehicle that brings out your subjects true personality and have your shutter ready to fire when it does.  So in closing weird and awkward are good things, so have fun with them!

David thanks for the opportunity to photograph you.

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