Christmas Card Shoot

Last week Jennie and set out to campus to try and take our Christmas card photo.  We started out in the union trying to work with the limited lighting and my inexperience with off camera lighting, but then realized it’s not cold outside!  So we went outside and found the light to be absolutely perfect and we had a good friend actually taking the photo while we posed.

It’s an interesting experience being on the other end of the lens.  It’s probably one of the most vulnerable feelings in the world especially since you have no idea what you look like…haha!  It was a great experience to understand the importance of direction from the photographer.  As the one taking the photos, you have a vision that the model may not and therefore how you communicate with them and what you communicate are extremely important.  Thank you Eric for doing this!



Both of us laughing at her “working it”

This is me wondering if I look as foolish as I feel

Boom! We’re done!  Print it!

This is after the final shot and it was way to adorable to not include.  Look at that joy!