Paris, France

After my time in Malawi this summer the team and I spent three full days in Paris trying to understand and solidify what we experienced in Malawi.

This was my first time in Paris and I’m not sure what my expectations were, but once we arrived in the city they were blown away.  The history and beauty of the city immediately captivated my heart.  Then the people and the food sent me over the edge and I can say with absolute confidence that I fell in love with this city and the little bit of the culture I experienced.  Luckily for all of you I documented some of the amazing visual treats that Paris had to offer.

As I was processing these photos I was torn by what style or tone would communicate the history and beauty of this city.  I wanted to make sure to present some in black and white because it so often memorializes the subject being captured.  But at the same time, some of the colors with the oxidized metals and dynamic skies were to important to place in a two tone presentation.  Therefore, I compromised and created copies of some of those photos and put one in black and white and one in color.  Which do you prefer?  What does the color communicate vs. black and white?  I would love to hear feedback…

 Notre Dame

 This is one of my absolute favorite photos.  We were walking through the streets and just happened to walk by this courtyard of this church and I could not believe the lighting and sky.  I stayed here for quite some time just trying to capture the color and tranquility of this courtyard in the middle of a huge city.

 This is Napoleon’s tomb and all the following photos are all different shots of it.