Eric & Jessa

Here is a portrait session I did with some really good friends a few weeks back.  You’ll be seeing one of these in their upcoming Christmas Card! Advertisements

Turkey Run in the Fall

Turkey Run in Northern Indiana is a beautiful park with a diverse landscape of deep ravines, rock formations, and wooded hills.  This fall has been one of the most beautiful I’ve seen in… Continue reading

Fall Colors

Nearly three months is far too long to not update my blog!  The little person inside me that urges me to do something artistic has been slightly neglected (I’m a terrible imaginary construct… Continue reading

Self Portraits Part II

This might be a day worth remembering because I think this is the first time I’ve posted two blog posts in the same week!  Small victories is what it’s all about and I’m… Continue reading

Self Portraits

Over the weekend I got an itch to try something creative and tried scratching it with something I have never done before; I put myself in front of the camera and tried being… Continue reading

Aiden at 9 months

It was a great pleasure to be able to do this shoot for dear friends of mine and their fourth child.  Aiden has got to be one of the happiest children I have… Continue reading

Graduation shoot with Marques

It has been entirely too long since I last updated this blog!  Things have calmed down a bit, but I wanted to get something up on my page.   Over the last month… Continue reading

Mary Grace

I’ve had some time to finish processing my first ever newborn shoot with my niece Mary Grace and I’m excited to show off the end result.  She was only a week old when… Continue reading

(Preview) Introducing Mary Grace

Last week Mary Grace entered our family and my wife and I were able to make it down to visit her.  Being only a week old she rarely had her eyes open, but… Continue reading

David Mor

Earlier this week I posted a preview of the shoot I had with David and I’m please to say that I was able to complete them and am ready to share them with… Continue reading